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What You Need to Know Before Setting Up A Vegetable Garden in Your Home

Gardening can fun doing especially in small gardens. But again, it can be a source of food as a well as money. Many people opt to set up gardens in their home put up crops that later are used for home food. On such garden can be a vegetable garden. Read more about Vegetables Growing at vertical garden. There are several reasons why one can put up a vegetable garden in his or her own home, but the notable of all is the factor there is a source of food to the family. Putting up a vegetable garden looks easy to requires very careful consideration to ensure you get the best out of the small farming. Some of the most important factors you need to look at include.


How much space is available for the garden? Before you were growing vegetables in your garden, you need to consider the space. If you have a big space, you can plant more vegetables and a wide variety. But if you have a small space, you may come to restraint the number of plants to put or opt for other alternative methods of increasing the vegetable plant population.

The type of vegetable

Vegetable garden majorly serves the interest of the family. This means that the type of vegetable to plant depends on the taste of your family members. But again, the type of vegetable to plant will determine the amount of small and the farming method to adopt. For example, planting cabbages would require more space at times along time to mature compared to kales or spinach that take a little space as well as a shorter maturity period.

The soil types

The type of soil in your garden is very important when it comes to making a decision which is the best type of vegetables to grow.To get more info, click vertical gardening. Different types of vegetable grow under different types of soil. Therefore, you must do an analyze your soil with the help of an agricultural expert to ascertain the most suitable type of vegetable for your soil type of your garden.

The type of farming

Another issue that you must look at is the type of farming you want to practice on your vegetable garden whether organic or inorganic. Organic is considered hectic because it involves the use of manure and plants take relatively a long period to mature than inorganic. Inorganic, on the other hand, is much easy since it involves the use of inorganic fertilizer and has crops mature much faster. Learn more from

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